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右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
08 November 2030 @ 12:15 pm
Do you need to contact me for plotting purposes or anything else? Feel free to leave a comment on this post and I'll come right back to you.

If you have any complaints or praises or anything else about the way I play Ange, please also leave a comment on this post. I'm pretty insecure about my RPing, so I would really appreciate it. ♥

In case you want to use a different method of contacting me than using this post: my AIM is Lunixhime, my plurk is queeningsquare and my email queeningsquare [at]gmail[dot]com.

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右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
02 May 2029 @ 08:21 pm
Ange got a notebook for the item rain of 27 November 2011. She keeps relevant notes and things of the like in there. Here's a list of the things in there, which will be updated whenever I stop being lazy.

There are an infinite number of worlds. The one who steps into the maze believes this.Collapse )
右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
24 November 2011 @ 02:20 pm
[ As the video clicks on, there's a cat paw prominently in view, nudging the device. Apparently Bern-chan learned how to operate the device, or it was more or less a coincidence as she stepped on it.. but either way, the video feed shows Ange lying around lazily, letting out an annoyed groan and opening one of her eyes as she hears the device click on. ]

Don't mess around with that thing, Bern-chan. Geez, how annoying.

[ There's a dissatisfied meow from off-screen, but still Ange doesn't bother to turn it off, almost lazily. She does open her other eye too now, though. ]

What's the fuss with the messages on the network this time? There's no need to make such noise. Whatever, even if something is up again.. even if we don't do anything, it'll go over sooner or later. Every idiot in this place should know that much by now. ... Ah, it's useless, it's all useless.. [ stifling a yawn. ]

.. So just shut up and bear it already. I don't feel like dealing with bothersome things like these today.

( ooc: affected by sloth, in case it wasn't obvious already. )
右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
( action )

[ You might suddenly find yourself in a bedroom. A rather run-down one, though, considering the state of the buildings here in Discedo. But it seems to be a bedroom all the same, considering there's at the very least a bed. And a girl sleeping in it. Yup, you might find one (1) Ushiromiya Ange soundly asleep in her bed, sprawled out on the bed. Don't worry though, she's not asleep too deeply so she'll probably wake up when she notices someone is there. And whack said person over the head, depending on who exactly is it.

Either way, there is someone else awake in this room though - a black cat, lying on top of Ange as if claiming territory. Said cat is staring at you intensely though, clearly awake.

What do. ]

( video )

[ Oooor you could go for the easier option, which is a video feed slightly later on the day. With Ange looking just as deadpan as usual. ]

The third time already, huh? At this rate I'm going to start feeling old. Although I suppose last time was at least somewhat decent, so bring it on. I wonder if you're still able to surprise me.
右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
29 September 2011 @ 07:55 pm
[ As the feed starts there's a sharp intake of breath, an almost but not quite a very bitter laugh. ]

I don't even need to be able to see through this fog to know what hellhole I've found myself in once again. That's okay, it's obviously not like I liked my temporary freedom from this cage or anything. [ Yes, the sarcasm is just oozing from her voice at this rate. Her voice is rather deadpan though, but the underlying anger shines through just slightly.

There's a crunchy sound, as if she's walking a little already. ]

So, aside from gaining some fog and some.. other new additions.. [ She's probably referring to the bodies, judging from her slightly unsure tone. ] Is there anyone still around here or did everyone find a way to escape already? In that case you better have left behind some sort of instruction card or I'm going to be pretty annoyed.

... 'Ange Ushiromiya requesting backup', ah, maybe that's what I should say. But it's not like that lame man daring to call himself a bodyguard has made his way all the way over to this place yet, right? So anyone at all to talk to and inform me again would be okay right now. Otherwise it will seem like I'm just talking to myself all this time as if I'm crazy or something like that.
右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
06 July 2011 @ 04:08 pm
Ah, it's almost the seventh, isn't it? ... That means that by this time back home, we'd be having Tanabata festivals already.

[ Her voice sounds just as usual - pretty casual - deadpan, even. But suddenly there's a hint of something else in it too, perhaps slight bitterness if you listen closely enough and look through the first layer of deadpan. ]

I don't see the use of celebrating such a thing either way. What use is it to write a wish on a piece of paper? Even if you do that, it's not like they'll suddenly decide to have it granted out of nowhere. It might be little fun for little kids who still believe in it, I guess, but most grown-ups know better than that, right? For example, even if we'd all write on a piece of paper 'I want to go home', it's not like everyone would suddenly find themselves back home the next morning. ... Unless someone here is actually gullible enough to believe that.

[ A pause. ]

... That's right. If you want something in this world, you have to work for it yourself. You can't just rely on some outside source to take pity on you and do it for you. Tanabata's the same.
右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
18 June 2011 @ 08:59 pm
... This again?

[ If you're in person, you might find Ange sitting there with a black cat lying on her lap, purring contently. IT HAS CLAIMED ITS TERRITORY. ]

I hope you managed to pull in some more interesting people this time.
右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
08 June 2011 @ 10:54 am
[ There's a pause as the feed clicks on, the sounds of the rain and wind outside the only things audible on the feed. Then there's the faint sound of some pages or papers being turned before Ange speaks up. ]

I guess it's time for that lame 'time to talk so these things don't shock us' thing again, huh?

[ Some more paper turning, the wind swelling up in the background. There's a slight mew from a cat getting closer to the communicator too. ]

I figure I should mention that if anyone here knew Battler Ushiromiya or Beatrice.. They're both gone. Probably ran off to go shove each other into lakes again or have their honeymoon or whatever. [ TOTALLY NOT BITTER!! Well, she actually manages to keep her voice much calmer and deadpan - much like her usual tone - than she's actually feeling right now. She's the only one left from her world, after all.. How ironic.

There's more silence from the girl and then thunder suddenly resounds over the feed. ]

... Also, I hope this isn't the storm we were warned for. In that case it would be a rather dull anti-climax.
右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
03 May 2011 @ 09:13 pm
[ There's a soft meow as the camera clicks on - apparently Bern-chan the cat hasn't stopped its habits, not even with a new owner. The cat is sitting near the device and a slight distance away from it Ange can be seen sitting while bent over some papers. She's softly talking to herself - presumably reading what's on the papers. ]

There are an infinite number of worlds. The one who steps into the maze believes this.

There are a finite number of worlds. The one who is lost in the maze believes this.

There is only one world. ... The one who refuses to move at all believes this.

[ She pauses, a frown on her face as if in contemplation - but then Bern-chan the cat meows again and Ange's attention turns towards the device as she notices it's on. She scrambles towards the thing, picking up the cat and clicking her tongue. ]

Geez, when I don't have to deal with either of those two it's you who's around to bother me..

[ Now she turns her attention to the camera which is still on rather than the cat. ]

... Might as well while this thing is on either way.. Furude Rika is gone. Presumably the same counts for the ones she lived with. [ After that there's a slightly hesitant pause, but.. in the end she just turns off the feed. ]
右代宮 縁寿 (Ushiromiya Ange) • αηgє-вєαтяιcє
23 April 2011 @ 03:14 pm
[ Today Ange isn't bothering with video - but even though her face can't be seen on the feed, the agitation and worry is pretty audible in her voice. Even if she tries to suppress it. ]

I'll keep this short. Has anyone seen Sakutarou around? A young boy with a fairly obvious red scarf and cat ears, for those who don't know him. I found his plush toys here, but--

[ ... She can't bring herself to say it. She's already been trying to reach his connection, but it's failed and.. Ange is already pretty sure he was just sent home. But what if it's just the scientists screwing around and he really is somewhere out there alone again.. She wouldn't forgive herself if anything happened to him. (And perhaps part of her wanted him to stay here as well, even if it's more dangerous.) ]


There sure have been a lot of people sent home lately. I wonder if it's just the time of the year or whether we're actually all going home by now. Or maybe they're just disappearing altogether. If anyone has any thoughts on this, feel free to share them as well.